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Soap & Soak

Say Goodbye to Laundry Day &

Hello to Your Laundry Folks!

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Free Pickup & Delivery

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Wash, Dry and Fold

Free Next Day Delivery

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Only $1.85/LB

Save 3+ Hours per Week

How easy is it?

How easy is it?

It's as easy as 1-2-3

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Schedule Pickup

Schedule via the web. 

Your Valet arrives

between 8am and 8pm.

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Enjoy Your Free Time

Let our experts do

the work while you get

over 3 hours back.

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Next Day Delivery

Laundry delivered

fresh, folded

and ready to wear

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Save up to 12+ hours a week!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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Soap & Soak does a wonderful job at their pick up and delivery service. I love that my laundry is folded neatly and like items are usually bundled together. The best part is that it’s basically an on demand service so I don’t have to worry about getting my laundry done on specific days. They simply p/u the dirty stuff and deliver my clean folded laundry. Thanks S&S, we appreciate your service.


Service Area

Service Area

Check your zip code to see if we're in your area!


  • How do we wash your clothes?
    All clothing is washed in cold water, only. Heat is known to break down dyes in the clothing and exacerbate shrinkage. However, if you prefer your clothing to be washed in hot or moderately hot water, please request it in the “special instructions” section of the checkout process, and our Soap Star will honor your request.
  • What type of Fabric Softener do you use?
    We don't use it. Fabric Softener is not recommended! Fabric Softener is known to irritate sensitive skin, and it also generally leaves a layer of residue on your clothes while reducing the absorption of your towels. In other words, it stains your clothing! That said, if you prefer the use of Fabric Softener, please request it in the “special instructions” section of the checkout process. At pickup, please provide the fabric softener you'd like to use and our Soap Star will accommodate.
  • Which laundry detergents do you use?
    Your Soap Star uses the most recognized, highly rated and trusted brands in the market - Tide & Persil are both rated as excellent by consumer reports. We use non-scented versions of both Tide & Persil.
  • Do you mix customer clothing/orders?
    Absolutely not, never! Soap Stars keep your clothes separate from others during every step of the process (i.e. pickup, sorting, washing, drying, folding, bagging, delivery).
  • Do you support customers with sensitive skin or allergies?
    Of course, we do! Your Soap Star uses the following hypoallergenic detergents: Persil Power Liquid Sensitive Skin, Tide Free & Gentle and all Free & Clear. To request this option, please indicate "Allergens" in the "special instructions" section of the checkout process. If you have a preferred detergent of the 3, please indicate it in the "special instructions" section, as well. Best part, there is no additional fee for this service.
  • Do you offer an air dry service?
    Your wish is our command! If you have items you'd like us to air dry, please note it in the "special instructions" section of the checkout process. Please place the clothing in a separate bag and label the bag "air dry". This will alert your Soap Star of the items that require air dry.
  • For your air dry service, can you return clothing on hanger?
    Absolutely! We ask that you include the hangers with your laundry and indicate in the “special instructions” section of the checkout process which items you wish to hang and air dry.
  • What is the cutoff time to place my order for next day delivery?
    Please place your orders by 2pm to ensure next day delivery by 8pm. Please note, single orders over 110 pounds require an extra day.
  • What time do you pick up and deliver?
    Pickups and deliveries are made daily between 8am-8pm, excluding major holidays (See Major Holidays Observed List). Soap & Soak will send you a message approximately 1-2 hours before attempting pick up and/or delivery.
  • Where will the Soap Star place the delivered clothing?
    Unless otherwise indicated, your Soap Star will place your bagged clothing in the same area the clothing was placed for pickup.
  • What if there's inclement weather the day of delivery?
    Your clothes are in good hands. Clothing is returned in sealed, weather proof bags.
  • Do you offer same day delivery?
    Not at this time, but we're actively working on a solution.
  • Do you offer dry cleaning, steaming or ironing services?
    Not at this time, but we're actively working on additional services for our customers.
  • Do you wash large items?
    Your Soap Star is able to wash anything that fits into a standard size residential washer and dryer. Large items like comforters likely do not fit. However, if you're certain that those larger items will fit into a standard size washer and dryer (i.e. like comforters, bathmats, pillows, dog beds etc...), we will accept and assess an additional $12 fee per item. Please see "Additional Fees" section for more details. Please add this request to the "special instructions" section of the checkout process.
  • Do you offer monthly membership services?
    Not at this time, but we're actively working on various solutions for our customers.
  • Do you hand wash laundry?
    Not at this time.
  • What is your laundry claims protection policy against losses or damages?
    Soap & Soak takes laundry claims extremely serious. We value quality, and our Soap Stars go through extensive training before they service their first customer. It is extremely rare that items are lost or damaged. We take every precaution necessary to ensure your clothing is never lost or damaged while in our possession. In order for claims to be accepted, a claim must be submitted to within 24 hours of delivery. Claims will not be accepted beyond the 24 hour window. We cover used-value (60% of retail purchase price) up to $200 maximum per order. Coverage is applied as Soap & Soak credit only.
  • Do you protect customer information (i.e. credit card, personal data...)?
    Absolutely! Without our valued customers, Soap & Soak will cease to exist. We take every precaution necessary to protect the identity of our customers along with any personal information. All customer related information is never sold, rented or shared to ANY outside affiliate. Your payments are processed using our secured systems, so your information will always remain private and secure. Soap & Soak takes your privacy extremely serious. For additional questions related to this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us at
  • What major holidays does Soap & Soak observe?
    Soap & Soak observes the following 9 major holidays: New Years Eve - December 31st New Years Day - January 1st Memorial Day - last Monday in May Independence day - July 4th Labor Day - 1st Monday in September Thanksgiving Day - 4th Thursday in November Thanksgiving Friday - Day after Thanksgiving Christmas Eve - December 24th Christmas Day - December 25th
  • How do I cancel or reschedule my order?
    To cancel or reschedule your order, please contact our support team at If your Soap Star (Valet) is out for pickup, there will be a $15 fee assessed for late cancellation. Please cancel or reschedule your order at least 24 hours before your pick up day.
  • Do you have additional fees beyond your base rate?
    Just a few. Our pricing is straight forward, and easy to follow. No surprise line items added to your invoice without you being aware. Below are a few additional fees that may be assessed if the event calls for it. Large Items - An EXTRA $12 fee is assessed for items like comforters/blankets, pillows, dog beds, small rugs and other relative items. As these items require the full use of a standard washer & dryer, including additional care. Additionally, these items cannot be combined with other clothing. Failed pickups or deliveries - we will assess a $15 fee for missed pickups and/or deliveries. Delayed pickups or deliveries - Delayed pickups or deliveries that hold the driver longer than 10 minutes will be assed a $15 fee. That's it!
  • Do you enter residences?
    To protect the safety of both our customers and Soap Stars (i.e. Laundry Valet), under no circumstances will Soap Stars enter the residence to pickup or deliver laundry. The ONLY exception is to assist physically handicapped or individuals who are physically incapable of transporting laundry from outdoors to indoors or vice versa. Please see our terms & conditions for additional details.
  • What our services include?
    Sort, Wash, Dry, & Fold Free Pickup & Delivery Free Same day pickup - For orders entered by 2pm Free Next Day Delivery - Orders must be entered by 2pm Free options for air dry and hypoallergenic Protection against losses and damages
  • Is there a minimum fee?
    Yes, there is a $37 minimum on all orders, which equals 20 pounds of laundry. You can schedule a pickup for any size order, but if it's less than 20 pounds, you'll be charged a minimum of $37.
  • How do I know if I’ve reached the 20 pound minimum if I don’t have a scale?
    All Soap Stars are required to weigh your laundry order prior to wash. We’ll provide you with an updated final weight at the closing of your order. However, an easy way to estimate your laundry is to total the number of items you have. The following items total approximately 20 pounds of laundry: Average adult sizes 14 underwear 14 pairs of socks 10 t-shirts 4 long-sleeve shirts 2 sweatshirt 4 pairs jeans or 4 pairs of shorts 2 set of sheets 2 towels
  • Do you offer same day pickup?
    YES, and at NO additional cost! Orders entered by 2pm will be picked up the same day, and delivered by 8pm the following day.
  • What is the cost of your average order?
    The average cost of our orders is $124, depending on the weight of the order. The average weight of our orders is 67 pounds. Which is about 4-5 midsize hampers worth of clothing.
  • How should I place my clothes out for pickup?
    Please place your clothing in any tightly sealed disposable bag you'd like (grocery bags are ok). Any clothing with special instructions (i.e. air dry clothing, allergies etc...), please separate and place it in it's own bag labeled "air dry". Also, please add these special instructions at time of booking. No bag? No problem. Place hamper outside, and your Soap Star will transfer the clothing to a bag and leave your hamper at your disclosed pickup location.
  • What days do you pick up and deliver?
    Every day, excluding major holidays! Soap & Soak operates 7 days a week. Soap & Soak observes the following 9 major holidays: New Years Eve - December 31st New Years Day - January 1st Memorial Day - last Monday in May Independence day - July 4th Labor Day - 1st Monday in September Thanksgiving Day - 4th Thursday in November Thanksgiving Friday - Day after Thanksgiving Christmas Eve - December 24th Christmas Day - December 25th
  • What if I'm uncomfortable leaving my clothes out for pickup?
    We get it, clothing is a prize possession. Here’s how we can accommodate you. Soap & Soak will message you approximately 1-2 hours before pickup, at that time advise us that your laundry will not be out for pickup. Upon arrival, the Soap Star will proceed to your front door or message you, at which time you can hand deliver your laundry. Please note: considering this not our standard pickup process, we will assess a surcharge fee of $15 if the Soap Star arrives for pickup and is not able to secure your laundry.
  • Do I have to sort my clothes for pickup?
    We wouldn't! Your only job is to "schedule a pickup". Soap & Soak will take care of the rest.
  • Do I need to be home for pickups and deliveries?
    No, you don't have to be, Soap & Soak exists to save YOU time! Enjoy your day! Just place your clothes out for pickup, and enjoy some me time. Your Soap Star will sort, wash, dry, fold, and deliver your clothes fresh and ready to wear the next day.
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