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Laundry Claims Policy

Soap & Soak proudly stands by its record of ZERO laundry claims made on over 500 orders served. This is the direct result of our robust Soap Star onboarding & training, clearly defined & outlined laundry processes and our full commitment to quality & customer service. Soap & Soak leaves no stone unturned as it relates to the treatment of our customers’ laundry. We fully understand the trust it takes to hand over your prize possessions. Soap & Soak takes your trust in us very seriously, as our record indicates.


However, claims can happen; In response, Soap & Soak would like to offer our customers a solution in the event that a claim does occur. Below we outline our claims policy in greater detail, please take a moment to review carefully. Should you have additional questions, please contact us directly at


Soap & Soak Policy Details:

  • Our plan covers up to 60% of the current used market value of the garment lost or damaged - $200 maximum per order.

  • Only covers claims made within 24 hours of delivery

  • Credits are not guaranteed and offered as Soap & Soak account credit only. Resolution is at the sole discretion of Soap & Soak

  • Special Instructions -​​

    • It is imperative to add specific laundry instructions for clothing during our booking process under "special instructions". This will assist our booking coordinators in ensuring that your instructions are adhered to. In addition, please follow our guidelines listed in our FAQ section. It's critical to separate special clothing, and physically note, which articles require special treatment per your instructions. If this process is not followed, Soap & Soak will not accept liability for damaged laundry as a result. 

  • Shrinkage - 

    • It is typical through the standard wash & dry process for clothing and other laundry to shrink. Soap & Soak considers this normal and expected. Many factors drive this result: fabric type & age of clothing are two of many reasons clothing may shrink following a standard wash & dry cycle. As a result, Soap & Soak does not accept liability for clothing that shrinks during the standard laundry wash & dry cycle. 

  • Tears -

    • Normal wear & tear is a factor when considering tears & holes. This would occur regardless of where the garment was laundered and is not Soap & Soak's responsibility. We are not responsible for holes or tears that occur as a result of the normal laundering process.

  • Color Bleeding -

    • Per our FAQ's, we take every measure to prevent color transfer from occurring. We separate light colors from darker colors, especially separating whites from light or dark colors. Unfortunately, colors may still bleed and transfer to other garments. Soap & Soak considers this event standard and part of the wash & dry cycle. As a result, Soap & Soak does not accept liability for clothing that bleeds and transfers to other clothing during the standard laundry wash & dry cycle.​​

In the event of lost or damaged items, please complete the form below:

Upload File

A claims representative will respond within 72 hours

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